COVID-19 How we are trying to help


Can I place an order?

Yes, please carry on ordering, it's business as usual for the foreseeable future as we are not a physical shop. We work from our home in the remote West Highlands of Scotland. All our Paper Prints are produced by us up here in Scotland and Posted via Royal Mail.

Are delivery times affected?

Yes, Due to slower times generally in deliveries of paper & Ink supplies to us and the overall pressure on Royal Mail we are running slightly slower 

Is it safe to receive orders?

Yes, We are taking every precaution to eliminate any risk to you our customers, we are using protective gloves to handle the end product as we package and post your prints from home. Also our main printer has adopted a similar practice to eliminate any risk for our Canvas wall art. We also use Cardboard packaging which carries significantly less risk of passing on the virus due to the nature of parcels moved around, different temperatures etc . Our Postal and Courier services are Royal Mail & UPS for larger goods both have extensive policies for ensuring Public safety. Please refer to Royal Mail for the latest updates on their policies for Covid-19 ..